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AAIM Tuff Water Tanks Brisbane are built to last and their classic round corrugated design gives added strength and durability. The tank offers great flexibility as the inlet is at centre of the top of the tank and the overflow can be located on one of the four shoulders. The inlet has a light guard to proect your valuable water from contact with sunlight which encourages algae growth. A mosquito screen on the inlet also keeps out leaves, twigs and other unwanted litter. The overflow is supplied with a mozzi stoppa which prevents mosquitos and other creatures from getting into your tank water. The brass outlet fitting is supplied with a chromed 1 inch ball valve tap which can be adapted to fit a pump or your garden hose.

Water is a valuable and scarce resource and it will be priced accordingly in the future. The responsibility for provision of water seems to be moving from local councils and in time will be controlled by profit focused enterprises. Your AAIM Tuff Water Tanks will allow you to wisely use the water you have collected without having to worry about the escalating cost.

You can choose to water your garden, trees, herbs and vegetables when you want without having to worry about the cost or time restrictions.

The water you use will be pure natural rainwater free of any added chemicals or other impurities.

With AAIM Tanks you can choose from three water tanks sizes - 2,500 litre tanks, 3,000 litre tanks and 5,000 litre tanks. You can link two or more water tanks together and you can position the tanks at different points to maximise your collection potential. Contact us for Brisbane Water Tanks Sales and Service.








     5,000 litre tank ONLY $750    

Buying straight from our factory means we pass the savings onto you! If you have any questions about our Water Tanks feel free to contact us on our Freecall number:

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